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My name is Erik Selin and my passion is researching, designing and crafting clever data solutions (unless I am occupied with the latest math problem, taking photos or biking). I live in Ottawa, Ontario and I prefer tea over coffee.


I believe that evidence based decisions, formed from data, greatly increase the probability of success. The problem is, sometimes there is no data (I can fix that!) and other times you need statistics and databases (I can fix that too!). Last but not least, I believe that data should be put to use. It just so happens that I put together data utilization systems.

Software should be beautiful, simple to use and work on any platform. That is why all of my projects incorporate web based user interfaces. With today's technologies there is no reason why applications should not be accessible from any device or computer running any operating system at any given time. Thanks to web based solutions, accessibility is a guarantee (talk about convenience!).


I am enthusiastically joining or initiating any project where there is a need for:

  • A website with data interactions
  • Database modeling and optimization
  • Data collection and visualization
  • Statistical analysis and decision support
  • Process automation
  • Data utilization and artificial intelligence
  • Solving rubik's cubes!

I believe in picking the right tools for the task and usually find myself using the latest versions of html, css, javascript, jQuery, java, php, mysql, R and python.

I am currently expanding my knowledge of node.js and mongodb.


The nature of what I do lets me dabble in many different fields. My diverse experiences have taught me to adapt quickly and research subjects thoroughly. This allows me to see the bigger picture which makes it possible to identify the issues and come up with solutions. Here are a few of my past projects and experiences:

Synchronizing databases

A project developed for a mysql database required access to large amounts of live data stored on an old db2 database. I implemented a system to periodically transfer, format and store the data onto a brand new mysql database.

Calculating priority index

I implemented a web system based on the National Building Code of Canada. The system evaluates the priority of screening buildings for problems that might make them vulnerable in the event of earthquakes.

Finding building risk

I implemented a web system that uses recent research and fuzzy logic to estimate the risk of building damage in the event of earthquakes.

New architecture

A project with large scope required a new, robust and easy to use architecture. I implemented a small MVC framework with a clean mysql database abstraction that significantly increased the teams productivity.

Keeping track of people and resources

I conceptualized and implemented a solution to organize records on people, assets and resources. In particular, I built a custom web based resource management system to deal with a large collection of information.

Simulating neurons

Over a summer I developed several LIFAC neuron model simulators later used by researchers to visually explore the models behaviour.

Registering students

Multiple groups from the same organization asked me at around the same time to develop a summer student registration system. I completed this by developing a robust generic solution that was easily deployed to each group and tweaked to their particular needs.


I am interested in receiving any kind of comments, ideas and/or questions from you!